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A Little Bit Of Caulking Can Make A Big Difference

Upgrading home insulation and ensuring effective ventilation can go a long way toward improving home energy efficiency. However, just a little bit of caulking can make a big difference, too. Sealing leaky areas of your home puts a stop to the movement of air through the home’s shell, increasing home comfort and energy savings in every season.

Most homeowners are familiar with the disposable cartridges of caulking available in home improvement and hardware stores. Used with a caulking gun, pressing the trigger on the gun releases the caulk. There are also other types of caulking-delivery systems too including aerosol cans, ropes and tubes that you squeeze. If you’ve used caulk in the past, go with the type of delivery system with which you’re familiar. If you’re a newbie, however, you may want to start with the caulking gun; it’s fairly easy to use.

Before you start a caulking project, here’s what you should know about selecting the materials:

  • Construction silicone is an easy material to use. It cleans up easily right after application and creates a tight seal. It also allows a little give when applied to movable joints. Use it to seal different construction materials like stone, brick, wood and metal flashing.
  • Expandable spray foam expands after application. You can use it outdoors or indoors, but don’t use it on moveable joints, because friction will degrade the caulking. Clean it up with a solvent if spillage occurs. Because it expands after application, it’s ideal for larger gaps and offers excellent adhesion.
  • Foam sealant is generally used to seal around door and window frames. It adheres well, but allow 24 hours for the material to dry.
  • Butyl rubber effectively adheres to differing materials like plastic, wood, glass, metal, and concrete. It creates a long-lasting and effective seal, but it may shrink by up to 30 percent. Clean up requires the use of a solvent like mineral spirits.

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