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Upgrading Your Home Insulation Is Always A Savvy Move

The hidden material that sits in between your home’s exterior and interior layer accomplishes several significant tasks. In fact, without proper home insulation, homeowners commonly suffer from higher energy bills, poor home comfort and more. Most home insulation should last for decades, but there may be conditions that arise that cause insulation to degrade, like moisture or air leaks.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your home insulation, you can liken it to a stealth chess move, as it affords the following benefits:

  • Energy savings – Home insulation resists the movement of heat, so having sufficient levels of it throughout your home ensures that the material can effectively stop outdoor heat in the summer from entering the home, and can limit heated air in the winter from leaving your home. As a result, you will maintain consistent temperatures inside of your home, and your HVAC equipment will operate at peak efficiency.
  • Comfort – Insulation’s ability to act as a barrier to heat movement also benefits homeowners in another way: better home comfort. Insulation’s heat-resisting material improves the temperature inside the home in both seasons, leading to an ultra-comfortable home, without experiencing drastic temperature swings or succumbing to outdoor temperature extremes.
  • Noise – While insulation was specifically designed to make homes more comfortable, its design also achieves another effect: limiting the transference of noise into a home.
  • Carbon footprint – According to a study conducted by the Harvard University School of Public Health, the overall health of the public could improve greatly if the majority of homes across the U.S. contained efficient levels of insulation. You see, when insulation allows the loss of conditioned air, the HVAC equipment in your home must compensate for that loss, causing the equipment to run longer cycles and consume more energy. By upgrading home insulation, you’ll know you’re contributing a smaller carbon footprint.

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