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That Houseplant: It’s a High-Efficiency Air Cleaner, Believe It or Not

Filling your home with indoor plants has been a popular stylistic and aesthetic choice for many years, especially here in Southern California. Besides brightening the home, houseplants can improve the overall quality of the air over time. Many types of houseplants can even perform some of the air purifying you’ll see with a high-efficiency air cleaner, if the conditions are right.Achieving good air quality has a large number of health benefits. Whether you’re trying to reduce odors or make the air cleaner for medical reasons, adding houseplants can help. When combined with a high-efficiency air cleaner, houseplants can optimize your indoor air quality. Some houseplant varieties may help you see better results, such as the Boston fern and spider plant. Aloe vera is also a household favorite because the plant has uses as an herbal medicine.

The purification process of plants is simple. Toxins such as xylene, benzene, methylene and formaldehyde, can often be found in a home’s indoor air, as a result of chemicals and fixtures common in households. This can endanger you and your family’s health. The plants take in these toxins, keeping them out of your indoor air. The toxins, which are harmful to humans, usually aren’t harmful to the plant.

While houseplants can help clean the air in your San Diego area home, for a comprehensive air-purifying plan, you’ll want to consider an air cleaner. To learn more about high-efficiency air cleaner options for your home, please contact us at Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air today.