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What Are the Differences in Portable Air Conditioning Units?

While central air conditioning units may be the most effective in the long run, sometimes people only want to cool certain areas. We have all seen window air conditioning units, and you might conjure a mental image of one of these when you think about a portable air conditioner.

However, a window unit is really not the same thing as a portable air conditioner. While it’s true that a window unit could be removed and moved around the house, they are basically intended to stay put, at least during the part of the year that you are using the air conditioner.

Portable air conditioning units have wheels, so you can move them around your house or apartment at will.

Let’s say that you live in a one-bedroom apartment that is not equipped with a central air conditioning unit. When you’re unwinding after work in your living room you could have the unit keeping you cool as you sip a cold drink and watch television.

When the time comes, you could simply wheel the portable air-conditioning unit into your bedroom and sleep comfortably.

What are the differences?

There are various differences between portable air conditioners. One way that you can distinguish one from another would be to find out how many BTUs the air conditioner in question is capable of producing.

This acronym, BTU, stands for British thermal units. A single BTU equals approximately 1055 joules, but as a shopper, you don’t need to know all of the scientific details. Simply put, the greater the BTU output the more powerful the air conditioner.

So, you want to evaluate the size of the room or rooms that you want to cool to make sure that you are selecting a portable air conditioner that puts out the appropriate amount of cooling.

Another distinction can be made through the type of plug that the unit utilizes. Some of them are voltage plugs, and others are amperage plugs.

The water removal system is another consideration, and there are different types of ventilation systems. On the aesthetic side, there are different physical appearances and colors to choose from.

There are also various different brands, and they carry an array of different price tags. As they say, you get what you pay for so quality counts. It is important to seek out an efficient unit that doesn’t generate a huge power bill.

You also want to look for a portable air conditioning unit that is relatively quiet, especially if you want to use it in the bedroom when you’re trying to sleep.

Unless you happen to be an expert, the best way to choose a portable air conditioner would be to discuss everything with an experienced technician. Should you be interested in doing so we invite you to contact us at (760) 206-4167 and we would be glad to answer any questions that you may have about portable air-conditioning units.