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Slow Down And Read That Yellow EnergyGuide Label

Saved energy translates directly into saved cash. Energy-efficient appliances save energy by consuming less while handling the same workload. For instance, an energy-efficient HVAC installation will provide the same volume of treated air, but use less power to do so. But how to know which appliances are energy efficient? Easy — they wear a bright yellow EnergyGuide label.

The process of shopping for new appliances can be frustrating, so the temptation is to get it over with as quickly as possible. When considering a purchase that you hope will last a decade or more and could waste or save a lot of money, it’s far more sensible to slow down and read that yellow EnergyGuide label.

Who puts it there?

The EnergyGuide initiative is run by the Federal Trade Commission, a branch of the government that’s tasked with consumer protection. In this circumstance, the FTC is protecting you from ill-advisedly wasting money.

What it means
There are five pieces of information on the label:

  1. A list of the appliance’s features
  2. The make, model and the product description
  3. The Energy Star logo, which is awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency if the appliance qualifies as extremely energy efficient.
  4. Sliding scale — Across the center of the label is a sliding scale that shows how much electricity comparable models use. The large number and the arrow above the sliding scale show where this model ranks in comparison. It’s shown in a dollar value using the average American household’s power consumption.
  5. EYEU — Below the sliding scale is the estimated yearly electricity use, shown in kilowatt hours. This figure allows you to use your local electricity prices to calculate a closer approximation of what the appliance will cost you to run.

At Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air we understand the importance of energy-efficient equipment. This is particularly applicable to your HVAC installation which, in the San Diego area, runs for much of the year. To ask more questions or schedule a consultation, contact our expert team today!