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Are You Using Your Ceiling Fan To Conserve A/C Energy?

With the summer heat wave upon us, many times we simply crank up the air conditioning and watch our electric bill go through the roof without doing some simple things to keep the heat and the bill in check.

Fans are the best defense against the heat and overuse of your air conditioning. Whether you have a ceiling fan, floor fan or table fan, it will help circulate the air in a room and help you cool down.

Ceiling fans are the most effective fan, allowing you to raise the thermostat setting about four degrees without losing your comfort level.

Larger fans are the most effective since they move more air and reach a larger area. A 52-inch fan is ideal for a larger room, and the right sized fan in each room will go a long way to cut down on your electric bill while helping the air conditioning in your home.

Another effective way to minimize your costs is to turn off a fan when you leave the room since fans cool off people and not the room. There’s no use running a fan and wasting energy when no one’s there to benefit from the wind chill effect fans produce.

Of course, proper maintenance of all your fans and air conditioning units is key to maintaining a comfortable home. Make sure the fans are clean and in proper working order, and if there is a problem with the operation of the fan, an expert air conditioning specialist should be contacted immediately so your comfort level is never lost.

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