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The Ductless Mini Split: 3 Reasons To Say Yes

If you have a space in your home that doesn’t cool or heat evenly or you’re planning an addition and you don’t want to lose space to ductwork, consider installing a ductless mini split. These are heat pumps that don’t use ducts to deliver the air and provide three distinct advantages over other kinds of heating and cooling systems.

  1. Easy installation: The two main components of mini splits are the outdoor condenser and indoor air handler. A conduit connects the two, providing the refrigerant, drain line and power source. All the HVAC technician does to hook the system up is place the parts and join them with the conduit. The factory installs the refrigerant, so the amount is always at the manufacturer’s precise levels. Smaller mini splits can be plugged directly into a 110-volt outlet, simplifying the wiring.
  2. Energy efficiency: Since the ductless mini split doesn’t use any ducts, it automatically achieves higher energy efficiency. Unless your ducts are extremely tight and well insulated, energy losses from a central system can reach as high as 30 percent. The mini split delivers the air directly, so it incurs no losses because of inefficient ductwork.

    All new heat pumps, regardless of the air delivery method, must meet the minimum SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of 13. Mini splits with higher SEER ratings cool and heat even more efficiently, particularly if they have a variable-speed motor in the air handler or a scroll compressor in the condenser.

  3. Flexibility: If you have an eye to the future expansion of your home, a ductless mini split solves the conditioning problem ahead of time. Some condensers can support up to four separate air handlers. Unless you have a lot of hallways in an interior space, you can place the air handler wherever you want, on the floor, wall or ceiling. Each air handler also has its own temperature settings, increasing comfort and lowering utility bills.

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