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A/C Operating Tips For Maximum Efficiency & Savings Through Summer

With warmer weather here to stay, homeowners are looking for ways to stay cool. But staying cool also often means higher energy bills due to the operating costs of an air conditioner. In order to use your system to its maximum efficiency and to save energy, use these A/C operating tips this summer:

  • Use window coverings to keep heat from the sun out of your home. Good options include awnings, drapes or reflective films.
  • Use your thermostat to your advantage and maintain an indoor temperature of about 80 degrees–an energy-saving setting–during the day. If you currently set the thermostat to 76 degrees, you can expect to save about 5 percent on operating costs for every degree that you raise the indoor temperature.
  • Run ceiling fans while you’re home to create a wind chill effect, which will allow you to operate your A/C at a lower temperature. Experts estimate that raising the indoor temperature by about 4 degrees with the use of ceiling fans will not affect home comfort, but it will impact savings.
  • Maintaining your air conditioner is possibly the single best way to save energy and one of the most important A/C operating tips. An annual tune-up will keep your system clean and allow it to run at peak efficiency, saving you money over the course of the summer season.
  • Check your home’s registers to ensure adequate air flow to ensure that all of the cooled air your A/C generates reaches your home. Vacuum dust build-up around the registers to help improve efficiency and indoor air quality.
  • Lower the amount of heat-producing activities you do inside the home. When you turn on your stove, for instance, it will generate heat that will raise your home’s indoor temperature, which will in turn cause the A/C to run longer to cool down the house. Schedule these types of activities, such as cooking or running the dishwasher, for early morning or evening hours.

This summer, you can net a win for energy savings and boost your system’s overall efficiency potential by using these A/C operating tips. For expert advice or to schedule a maintenance call, contact Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air today! We serve homeowners throughout the San Diego area.