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Repairing Your Air Conditioner May Not Be The Answer — Know When To Consider Replacement

Most of us cringe at the thought of having to replace our old air conditioner, but it’s important to recognize when it’s time. Though there are times when a simple repair may do the job, there are ways to help you determine if it is time to replace your old cooling equipment. When you consider the following three factors as you make your decision to repair or replace, the answers can help you choose with confidence and ease.

  • Age: Just like people, air conditioners have to retire after they have put in their time. Typically, cooling equipment lasts between eight and 12 years. Once your air conditioner nears the end of its life, problems and breakdowns become much more likely. You may also find that repairs are simply too expensive or impossible as many replacement parts for your older system may have been discontinued.
  • Equipment condition: Has your air conditioner been giving you frequent trouble lately? Have you followed the manufacturer’s regular preventive maintenance instructions? Ask yourself these questions to determine the true condition of your system. If your A/C is worn down or hasn’t been routinely serviced, you may have limited options. Even the most skilled technician can only do so much for cooling equipment that’s in poor shape.
  • System efficiency: Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill. Remember that even if repairs are possible, at best, your air conditioner can only be as efficient as it was at the time of manufacture. Today’s cooling equipment is designed to promote energy savings and run much more efficiently than A/Cs of the past. Plus many energy-efficient models offer great incentives and rebates.

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