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Can’t Take The Heat In Your Attic? Consider The Benefits Of An Attic Fan

As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” However, don’t let this be your mentality when it comes to your attic. If your home seems overly hot or humid, the culprit may be an excess buildup of heat in your attic. Proper ventilation is key to your overall home comfort, so you might want to consider installing and using an attic fan.

Do you have excess heat in your attic?
If you’ve noticed a great deal of heat in your attic, you should evaluate your attic’s ventilation. When in doubt, your shingles should give you a good clue as to whether your attic is too hot. Common telltale signs of an improperly ventilated attic are bulging shingles or asphalt shingles that have curled corners. Be sure to look at your current attic vents to ensure that they aren’t clogged with debris. If the vents are free and clear, but your attic is still too hot, you should invest in an attic fan.

Consider your options
You have a couple choices for attic fans:

  • A roof fan, which you can install by cutting an opening near the peak of your roof, and inserting the fan into that space.
  • A wall fan that you install in your home’s gable, which is the triangular-shaped portion of your home’s upper walls, where the slopes of a peaked roof meet. A gable wall fan will not disrupt your shingles and is easier to install. If you have a vent in your gable already, you can place the fan behind it so that you won’t have to worry about structural alterations.

Reap the benefits
Installing a fan to lower the heat in your attic is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your home and your energy bills at a comfortable level. Did you know that your attic can reach 150 degrees? This heat raises your home’s temperature, and the energy expended by your A/C to cool this excess heat contributes to approximately 20 percent of your utility bill.

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