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Airflow And Refrigerant — 2 Key Factors For Successful HVAC Maintenance

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling as well as it used to, or if you have hot and cold spots in your home, professional HVAC maintenance might be in order to keep your home comfortable, help control humidity and get years of reliable service from your system.

Just like all other machines, air conditioners (and heat pumps) are complex machines that benefit from regular service. The two components that have the most immediate and long-term effect on HVAC energy efficiency and comfort are airflow and refrigerant charge, and, not surprisingly, they go hand in hand.

Refrigerant charge and airflow

Correct refrigerant levels are needed for the HVAC system to utilize the refrigerant’s natural properties of heat exchange most efficiently. If there is too little or too much refrigerant in the system, heat exchange and energy efficiency are compromised. At the same time, refrigerant needs optimal airflow across the heat exchangers–the evaporator and the condenser–to optimize its heat extraction and heat release.

HVAC maintenance

Refrigerant issues must be handled by a certified HVAC professional. It’s a complicated procedure with a potential environmental impact that requires specific training. Even though refrigerant circulates within a sealed system, leaks may occur over time, or, if you’ve never had maintenance performed, refrigerant levels may not be precisely accurate for optimal function.

For optimal airflow, your HVAC pro calibrates the blower speed based on environmental conditions in the San Diego area (humidity is on the high side, requiring slightly slower blower speed for optimal dehumidification) and other factors. The evaporator, condenser and blower assembly are cleaned to remove debris and dirt blockages that prevent free airflow. The air filter is changed or cleaned. Ductwork is visually inspected for loose connections, disconnections, leaks, and damage.

As well as refrigerant and airflow maintenance, there are a host of other measures and component inspections required for optimal air conditioning efficiency. Contact Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air to schedule HVAC maintenance today. We provide exceptional service and installation to homeowners in the San Diego area.