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How Can Your Reduce Your Spring Allergies

Seasonal allergies can make it difficult for anyone with sensitivities to enjoy our extended San Diego spring. The main cause of spring allergies here is pollen released by local trees, weeds and grasses after a rain, or carried by the Santa Ana winds from areas farther inland. To limit exposure when outdoor pollen counts peak, it's recommended that you stay indoors.

Tips for Allergy Proofing Your Home

Some pollen is bound to get inside your home, even if it's closed up tight. Plus, when you're inside, you're vulnerable to common indoor allergy triggers, like mold, dust mites, dander and household dust. To reduce the likelihood of experiencing discomforting symptoms, you should take these steps to allergy-proof your home:

  • Clean and vacuum frequently. Wiping down household surfaces with a damp cloth, then vacuuming throughout the house a couple of times a week can help remove allergens that settle out of the air. When you clean, start with the HVAC registers – remove each vent cover, wipe it down, then vacuum the duct opening thoroughly.
  • Have your ductwork serviced. Leaks in the ductwork can allow allergens to enter the HVAC system, where they get recirculated throughout the house every time the blower cycles on. Having the ductwork serviced to clear out any collected debris, then properly sealed and insulated can give you cleaner, healthier air year round.
  • Purify your air supply. A regular HVAC filter is designed to trap larger particles that might harm the equipment. To effectively get rid of pollen and other allergy triggers, you can have an air purifier integrated into your HVAC system. These units use a higher-rated, more efficient filter and UV light to scrub the air before it's distributed through the ductwork.
  • Schedule HVAC maintenance. When your HVAC system is professionally maintained, the equipment is primed to run efficiently and reliably during the cooling season. It also ensures that key components like the evaporator coil, condensate drain system and air handler are clean and free from allergy-causing particles.

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