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Your Guide to Indoor Heating with Pets

Cats and dogs need indoor heating as much as humans but, unlike people, pets have widely different requirements. Their breed and age make a difference in how well they cope with the colder weather. Some thrive on cool temperatures while others crave hot temperatures and sunshine.


A cat or dog bred for cold places will be able to tolerate cool temperatures much better than breeds meant for temperate climates like San Diego’s. The coat may reveal the ability of the pet to tolerate cold temperatures. Wiry fur doesn’t add much warmth while animals that have two layers of fur stay warmer.


Young animals need it warmer than mature pets since they haven’t developed the ability to regulate their temperatures. Older pets also need more warmth to compensate for arthritic conditions or muscle stiffness.

Best Temperatures

Most dogs can handle temperatures around 69 degrees F, while the smaller and younger canines may need indoor heating a degree or two warmer.

Cats originated in the Middle East and their tolerance for heat exceeds that of their humans. An ideal temperature for a cat in the winter hovers in the high 70s, which is likely much too warm for you. You can successfully keep cats at temperatures you like as long as you give them warm places to curl up.

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