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Programmable Thermostat Woes? Don’t Replace It Till You Try These Tips

Programmable thermostats are the best option for controlling the temperature in your home, and a quality one can help you keep your house comfortable while reducing your energy bills. However, programmable thermostats are also a little more likely to have problems since they have more parts and serve a more advanced function that the old analog ones. If you’re having problems with your programmable thermostat, try these troubleshooting tips before you rush to replace it.

  • Check to make sure your programmable thermostat is firmly mounted on the wall. If your thermostat was just installed, you may be having problems with an intermittent connection. Make sure the thermostat is secured properly and not loose.
  • Try checking the fuse in your thermostat. Most programmable thermostats have a fuse inside to power parts of the unit. Without a working fuse, your thermostat may not properly control the temperature in your home and the display may only function intermittently. If the filament inside the fuse is cracked, replace it with the same type, which you can get at any hardware store .
  • Replace the batteries inside your thermostat if it has one. Many programmable thermostats have batteries inside, though some work through hardwired power. Check your owner’s manual or open the unit to find out what type you have.
  • Try turning the thermostat to “Heat” or “Cool” instead of auto. Note whether the thermostat works in both settings or just one. In some cases, you may find that you have a problem with your heating or cooling system, not your actual thermostat.
  • Call a professional to help you diagnose the problem. Programmable thermostats are not always easy to understand and you may not be able to find all of the problems on your own. A technician that can diagnose your thermostat can also provide a heating and cooling inspectionwhile they are in your home to make sure everything is working properly.

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