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Neglect Your Attic Insulation And Pay The Price

If this winter’s heating bills are hurting your pocketbook, one of the easiest ways to ease the pain simply calls for increasing attic insulation. With little or no attic insulation laying above the ceiling, the heat that you paid for is radiating through the ceiling into the attic where it can't-do anybody any good. Attic insulation will also keep warm attic air from infiltrating your living spaces in the summertime.

A brief manual inspection will discover whether you have any attic insulation at all. Simply feel with your hand down between the joists in the attic to discover if there are several inches of fiberglass, foam or blown-in insulation. If you find none or only the remains of old insulation, you need to add an adequate amount for our climate.

You will not need to hammer, saw or sand to accomplish this home improvement. Fiberglass insulation is several inches thick and pink, with a reflective foil backing. You can buy it in rolls and simply unroll it between the joists of the ceiling. Balance your weight on the joists, since if you put your weight on the drywall ceiling, it will not support you.

Whether you find no attic insulation or just a few inches of it, how do you know how much insulation is enough? The Energy Star website has an entire page with a simple, easy-to-read table that tells you what R-Value you need depending on your geographic location and current insulation. The R-Value is a standard measure of an insulation’s ability to inhibit the transfer of heat.

Another way to keep your conditioned air in your home is to seal leaks that allow your heated air to escape into the attic. Use caulk, spray foam or weatherstripping, depending on the situation. This will also help keep super-heated air from your attic from transferring into your living spaces during the summer. Improved ventilation in your attic, with the possible addition of an attic fan, is another strategy for better energy efficiency.

Home improvements like this can save you a lot more money than they cost. For more information about saving energy and money in your San Diego area home, please calls us at Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air.